The Mets Need A New Cleanup Hitter

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Image courtesy of

by Paul West

How many times do I have to say it? Lucas Duda should be our cleanup hitter, and Ike Davis should bat seventh. If that. At the end of my latest Fox Sports appearance, I publicly implored Terry Collins to move Ike out of the cleanup spot. He’s the most aggravating Met hitter since Luis Castillo, and that’s not a name I throw around lightly. He’ll take the same outside-corner breaking pitch and try to pull it several times in an at-bat. His situational hitting is abysmal. He bellyaches and pouts at the plate, and he has no rapport with the umpires so every close call goes against him. He never seems to make in-game adjustments. He belongs in a small AL ballpark, so he can be the new Carlos Pena. His good glove is even less relevant now that David Wright has gotten over his career-long throwing yips.

Duda for cleanup…please!


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