An open letter to Cubs fans…from a Yankee fan

By Cecilio Rosario

Dear Chicago Cubs fans,

Congratulations on making it to the fall classic. It’s been a very, very, very, very very long time since you’ve extended your season to the point where no one cares that it’s almost too cold to play our nation’s favorite pastime. As a New York Yankees fan, I know a thing or two about championships (actually about 27 things, but who’s counting?) Anyway, someone who’s seen countless Yankees postseason games, I have to admit I’m a bit spoiled. It hurts when the Yanks don’t make the playoffs, even though we’ve been there so many times; but we have a perennial confidence which makes us believe we can reload and have a good chance to make it back next year. But y’all haven’t been here for a while, so as an entitled Yankee fan, I’m just reaching out with a bit of advice you didn’t ask for.

Savor this one, Cubs fans, no matter how the World Series goes.
Savor this one, Cubs fans, no matter how the World Series goes.

First off, don’t panic over one bad game or one bad inning. You lost Game 1 6-0, but remember: as great as Andrew Miller is, he was Houdini night when he escaped a bases loaded situation and in the 7th inning and two runners on in the 8th. If he gets into that kind of a situation again, it probaly will end differently–and keep in mind that things will change when you get back to Wrigley.

Secondly, no matter what happens, you’re already champions. It’s not THE championship, but you’re already the best in the National League. Not too shabby, especially since you guys haven’t hoisted the pennant since the Truman administration. You can never under estimate the heart of a champion.

Third: even allowing for our well known confidence, we also know this: there are no guarantees you’ll rock October again. It doesn’t matter how good your team is, on the field or on paper; everything has to come together, and there’s luck involved. So even though your stomach is doing Olympic backflips, soak it all in and enjoy it as much as you can.

That’s about it. Now go out there and bury that goat; it’s been stinking up your beautiful brick edifice for over 70 years.



A lifelong Yankees fan

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